Friday, June 3

Break Time

Does this look like Miami?

No, we are not in Miami today, but we have been to the water's edge.

Does this give you a hint where we are?

Perhaps this massive cedar tree will give you a clue. (No evergreens or cedars in Florida.)

Today's beautiful view of Mt. Rainer was a special treat we were told, since the mountain is most often covered in clouds. (Notice the clouds at the lower section.) Yes, we are in Washington for a few days of rest and visiting family.

Look at what is declaring God's glory around Seattle this week:
Rhododendrons in blazing and wild colors,

Japanese Maple trees
Snowball Bushes
 Holly (I think)
There are so many other things in bloom here right now that treat our eyes to a real feast. I will save some for another post, but will leave you with a bird-- a Stellar's Jay, found only on the Western side of th U.S. 

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  1. Your nature photography always causes me to praise God for His lovely and varied creation!


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