Thursday, June 9


We Left Hurricane Ridge (see previous post) and descended 5000 feet to the water's edge in Port Angeles and boarded a ferry to Canada.

We landed in Canada on a cool but beautiful day in Victoria.

This hotel was one of the first buildings we saw getting off the ferry.

Girls making music along the street.

We walked to the China Town area of Victoria and saw many interesting buildings, foods, and people.

Next, we drove to Sooke to walk Whiffen Spit, a skinny stretch of land poking out into the sea.  It is about one half mile long and only a few feet wide in some areas.  We met many Canadian people walking their dogs in the crisp evening.

The wildlife on this natural barrier between rough seas and the cove was everywhere. 
These birds are true Canadian Geese.  :)

A White Crowned Sparrow

We drove back to Victoria to watch the seagulls swoop in the setting sun before resting for the night.


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