Wednesday, June 15

The Masses

The sea, wildlife, and the gardens have all been a special reprieve for us while in Washington.  We had to step downtown however, and walk among the masses of people in Pike Place in Seattle. It was definitely a fun cultural experience.

It was a cool and beautiful day in the city.

This only shows a tiny fraction of the peoples of the world that were scurrying through the market.

The beautiful colors of the flower vendors and at the fruit and vegetable stands caught our eye around each turn.

Some of the sounds included musicians and singers among the babble of voices.

These gentlemen were singing just outside Seattle's original Starbucks store.

Of course, Michael had to make a visit to Starbucks.

After a wait, he finally made it to the cashier.(yellow shirt)

His helpful cashier, Keshon.

Observing the fish market was quite the entertainment. Whenever someone would buy a fish, the employees would holler and throw it over the counter to be wrapped. Can you spot the flying fish in this photo?

Probably my favorite shop was the spice market. I especially drooled over the teas that lined the walls.

This young lady helped me find over 40 teas without caffeine that I could choose from.

The Raspberry Splash won me over with its wonderful aroma.

Yeah for tea!

Pike Place Market is a great place to mingle with the wonderful people of the world and be reminded why God has left us here on earth. 



  1. Oh Sharon what fun, and I did spot the flying fish!:o)

    What lovely photos, and all that beautiful fruit. Of course I had to enlarge the photo for a closer look. :o) Peaches, plums, grapes, cherries and all look so delicious!

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us! A beautiful post indeed. Happy summer to you. :o)



  2. This looks like a very neat place! I would love to visit one day! I'm glad you had such a lovely time. Your blog is so cute! :)


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