Thursday, June 23

Today on Campus

No two days on campus are just alike, but there are many similarities in the spiritually parched students we see that keep us coming back day after day, year after year.

Today was one of twenty-two orientation days for incoming students this fall.  FIU is expecting ten to eleven thousands new students.  As we sat behind our information and literature table, we saw many parents with their children (freshmen) today as they attended the required two-day orientation sessions.  On day two, the parents are not allowed to come.

Teresa, Howard, Theresa, Stephanie, Mike, Joey, and James were a few who stopped by to ask questions and find out more about CBF.  Many others took literature.  One young lady asked for help to learn more about the Bible.  

Among the fraternities who enticed others with dancing and music to join their club, the staff workers who stopped by to say hello, dozens of elementary school children running around and participating in a chess tournament on campus, and the hundreds who walked by our table without stopping, God reminds us daily that there are plenty here who do want to know more about Him.  We are grateful to be here!

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  1. Kathy Dillinger6/24/11, 12:25 PM

    This table, with the name so clear, is a light in a dark place. May it attract many who know not yet Christ and for those also who still need help in their Christian life there on the campus. Stay strong!
    Love you guys!


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