Monday, July 4

Freedom Day

Tropical rains in the morning, baking in the afternoon, friends in the evening, and fireworks at night... what a great day!
We made star 'edge' cookies to hang over our Freedom Day Treats.  The Freedom Day Treat recipe is on my web site here -or you can get to it in the side bar.  (The actual cookie recipe will be posted in the future.)
It was our privilege to have a family over to share in their first-ever Fourth of July.  They were able to leave Cuba just a few months ago.

When I gave Reycito his first-ever American flag, his mom told me he has been wanting one. They had their very first taste of blueberries too!

On the way to the park, Reycito wanted to know how many stars were on our flag... so he counted each one. (He is five years old and can also read like a pro-- in Spanish and English.)

They are all very glad to be here.

Reycito kept saying "Go U.S.A. (something that is illegal to say in public in Cuba.)

It was super fun to share in their joy when the fireworks began.

(This is an accurate portrayal of all three of them when they saw the fireworks.)

We were pretty amazed ourselves at times; they were quite beautiful.

May our Country run back to the Truth it was founded upon so that many more may come here in the future and know real freedom.
Welcome to America Tania, Reycito, and Rey.

Mike and Sharon


  1. What a precious family! Their joy is contagious!

  2. Aww, what a neat family and I'm sure a very special day! Thanks for sharing!


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