Sunday, July 31

In Need

In recent weeks we have been studying widows and 'widows indeed' in our Sunday School class.  Exploring God's Word on this matter has been enlightening. Besides gaining head knowledge, we are seeking ways to apply the truths in our everyday life.  The opportunity to serve in a local nursing home today was just a small way we could meet some tangible needs of those truly in need.

Of course, not everyone there fit the specific description we have been learning of in the Word, but everyone there certainly had a need.  Much of it revolved around the personal touch such as a listening ear, a kiss on the cheek, or holding hands.  Another need we could meet was to minister to them through music.  About twenty of us were able to sing some simple songs to these precious ones.  Music seems to bring so many memories out of the elderly.

Another huge need was for them to hear of our Savior.  Many of the residents are Spanish-only speakers, so we brought an interpreter for the message. The children were probably the best communicators though.  After   these two brothers shared some songs, one man pointed to the piano player and said to me, "I'm so glad they brought that soloist!"

There was a serious game of dominoes going on as we shared in worship with these beautiful people,

... until these three siblings began signing Jesus Loves Me in Spanish.
They stopped their game, turned around to look, and listened to the simple but well-phrased truth of God's love.  
There was also some well-practiced violin music from a very nervous little girl...

...which brought a delightful response from this sweet couple.
Mary Lousia and her husband, of nearly 57 years, absolutely loved the music.  He tried to sing along in his 85 year old voice.  And he never let go of her the entire time we were there.

A Sunday afternoon-- given to some dear ones, is just a small way to make the Word of God living, powerful, practical-- to those who have no way to pay or give back.
Now that's a joy!


  1. Bless you for ministering to these dear elderly people!

  2. We also have a ministry in the Retirement homes. It is such a dear blessing as we minister to these wonderful people. (I think they like the children best though!)

    May the Lord bless you as you serve Him.

    (Just stopping by from a link on the Neelys site.)


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