Monday, July 25

A Packed Week

Can you tell where we have been?

Let me give you a few hints... it's not in Miami.  :)

This would be in the beautiful  hills of West Virginia.

It is time for our annual CBFI conference and this year it was held in Mt. Hope near Beckley, West Virginia.
We were hosted by Appalachian Bible College.

They have a beautiful campus in the wooded hills.  

A few of our CBF missionaries (serving in Idaho and Indiana) were missing, but the rest of us were able to spend a few days together planning, sharing, and enjoying fellowship with one another.

Andy and his wife will be serving on the campus of Virginia Tech.  
This is a very needy campus.

 Jeff and his wife serve at University of North Carolina.
God is really blessing their ministry there.

Gary and his wife serve as our coordinators and on two campuses
 in the Dayton, Ohio area.

Sandy and her husband serve in Syracuse, New York.  
They have been there for over 30 years.

Elizabeth (left) and her husband serve in Binghamton, New York
 while Mary (right) serves at Case Western, in Ohio.

Elva (back left) has served at the University of Iowa for many, many years.
Tom and his wife (front right) labor in Boulder at the University of Colorado.

Ken and his wife are our coworkers here in Miami.  We are grateful to have help on the campus of Florida International University where 46,000 students come to learn.

 Dave Elmore is a gem; he is volunteering his time in Ohio as well.  He is patiently trying to reinstate CBF at  Wright State University where we were kicked off campus (after 30 years) for our conservative stand.

Our time together included time around the Word and caring for business related to Campus Bible Fellowship. 

There was time for our traditional late-night game and fellowship time.  
CBF missionaries live on College Standard Time and are not known for going to bed early!

The women have an afternoon of fellowship among themselves, 
encouraging one another while the guys get-together as well.

Michael and I were surprised to hear that the young people's singing ministry (New Life Singers) from our sending church in Georgia were in the same town.  We relished being able to attend a local church where they sang on Wednesday and meet up with those we have known most of their lives.

Miss Rosalie and I had some sweet time to chat.  I have known her family even before she was born.  (:

Now we are home again safely with memories of friends, coworkers, and God's beauty etched into our memories. 

It is a blessed thing to serve Him! 



  1. Oh! I knew you were at ABC as soon as I saw the picture of the cupola! What a lovely campus they have! Michael and I have stayed there at the Lodge where you were housed quite a few times when we would be on campus to bring or pick up Elsbeth.

    I am so glad that the CBF missionaries had that time together to encourage each other.

  2. Hi! Nice photos once again sis!
    Sounds like you and Mike had a blessed time and hope you got refreshed once again.
    Sending love,


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