Thursday, July 28

Then and Now

Once upon a time... about nine years ago in fact, there was a girl who married a man and they were saved a few weeks after their wedding.  God soon brought them into our lives and we had the joy of teaching them some of their first baby-steps in Jesus.

Then God gave them a beautiful baby of their own...

and another one after that.

Then one day, they left us to go serve the Lord and we missed them very much.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Today God gave us a special gift of reuniting with them and their babies.  My, how they have grown!!!

God has given them two other blessings we had never met until today.

We had a lovely visit catching up and watching the children play together.  To see that 'our children' still walk in the Truth and are seeking to raise their children in the ways of the Lord is a blessing hard to put into words. 
It certainly gives another day of investing in the lives of others a fresh reminder of why we do this, through the easy days and hard.  
Once far from God and dead in sin,
No light my heart could see;
But in God's Word the light I found,
Now Christ liveth in me.
(Daniel Whittle)

Don't be afraid to invest your life into another's.



  1. I love this family's obvious joy in the Lord and in each other!

  2. Very nice. Bless that little family and you guys who could put into their lives the means for them to grow and be nurtured to go on and serve Christ.
    Love you.


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