Wednesday, August 31

Finished Art

I promised that I would take another photo for you of the finished artwork the students did in the piano room of the Peruvian ecological timeline. (first post here)
Our purpose for these types of posts is to help you better understand what campus life is like.  (You wouldn't really want to see the full reality of campus, but we like to post what we can.)
 It was interesting to watch so many work on one mural.  This picture is the beginning of the piece and has non-truth etched into the artwork below the branches.
 This is the last section of the mural.
I find it a bit sad that even art is considered disposable these days.  Soon, this will be taken down in sections and it will no longer be one piece of art.



  1. This is really beautiful. Is it in a sitting room or lobby of a museum hall? Maybe I missed that part. It IS a shame that they can just remove it. I guess there is only so much room. I enjoy your blog. I read a few each week, but yours is one of my favorites. God bless the beginning of your school year!

  2. We have a formal art museum on campus, but this is one wall of what we call the "Piano Room". It is a sitting area of sorts with comfy chairs the students can study or visit with friends. Some students even cat-nap between classes here. On one end of the room is a grand piano that anyone can play. The wall is used as a rotating display of art- usually from the FIU students or local elementary children.


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