Monday, August 15

Hands of Love

Just a few days and 46,000 students will be dashing around campus again in search of a higher education.  We have been very busy preparing for the opening week and the students from all the ends of the world that God brings to us each semester.

Lately, we have been focused on the hands-on preparation that includes preparing 1,250 welcome bags to give to students.  It is such a small number in the scope of the 46,000, but it is 1,250 more who will receive the Truth of the Gospel, and an invitation to study the Bible with us on campus.

God's provision of tracts, printed invitations to CBF, a highlighter, and a sport bottle for each student is a blessing indeed.  It says to each one who will be receiving them-- you are valued in God's eyes and we care about you.

This year we were also blessed with some great girls who helped us put everything together.  They are college students themselves (from Westcoast Baptist Bible College in CA.) who have been serving the Lord in Miami this summer among the Jews.

This week we will say good-bye to these five ladies and the rest of the thirty-six who have impacted our lives this summer.
As they return to the West and their focus of preparing to serve God in a variety of ways, they will be leaving some practical, behind the scenes, Christ-like love in the bags they stuffed.  Perhaps they will not meet the students here on earth who read these tracts and have their lives forever changed with Truth, but we feel certain the meeting in eternity will be enough time to rejoice in what God has done.

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