Wednesday, August 24

Welcome Week in Pictures

Last week we told you of our preparations for Welcome Week; now we can share the delightful view from the other side-- sharing our love with the students.  They have returned to FIU in full force and we were ready.

We had a table outside under the Library to share our gift bags of water bottle, highlighter, CBF information and Gospel tracts.

In addition to our co-workers, we had a sweet family from one of our supporting churches come and share the blessings of giving Truth and a smile to our students.
Who can resist taking a bag from a sweet face like this?

The girls smiles and offer of a free gift was well-received by most who passed our table.

 Their mother and father were also a big help.

All of us have had a wonderful time meeting students and giving them a bit of love in their first week of class. We have met several who expressed interest in participating in our Bible studies.

Ari (above) is from Argentina and has been in the U.S. four days.
I am holding her traditional calabash gourd with mate tea in it.  Ari is holding the thermos with hot water in it.  Traditionally the person preparing the mate will drink the first 'cup' through the metal straw, refill the gourd and taste it again before passing it to the next person who drinks from the same metal straw.  The straw has a roundish end with tiny holes to keep the leaves from being sucked into the straw.  The gourd is filled about nine or ten times and shared with many people in particular social settings before new mate is added.
For health reasons I was not able to share Ari's mate with her.

While we were outside, one of our students was inside at the Club Fair.  I was also privileged to help inside for a spell helping students learn about CBF and answering questions they had about God or the Bible.

It has been in the nineties this week, but being under a bit of shade was helpful.  We have already given away 1250 bags to individual students in the past few days.  What a joy!
 What do you do when you run out of bags?...  cover the table with invitations to Bible study and give those away too!

 Many people have helped us with this outreach... our church families, co-workers, Westcoast Baptist Bible College girls, a supporting church, many who prayed, and the Popkin family.  Thank you all for sharing in the labor.
Stay tuned for more.  (:

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