Friday, August 12

Who loves the beach?

Who loves the beach...?
 lifeguards love the beach...
 palm trees love the beach,
 and so do the coconuts.
 The clouds love the beach...
 the lizards love the beach...  (hey, at least they don't beg for your food like the gulls!)
 snorkelers love the beach (yes, that would be Michael.)
 flowers love the beach...
 bikers love the beach too...
 birds love the beach...

 sea oats love the beach...
 and of course, the ships do too.
 Turtles love the beach, and Floridians love to protect their eggs.
 Seashells love the beach  (this is a conch)
 Butterflies love the beach...
 children love the beach...

 and I love the beach (especially when I am behind the camera).
Thank you God for making the beach and the sea to wash up on it.


  1. I love the beach, though I hardly ever see one here in central Indiana! I love you and your amazing photography, too, Sharon!

  2. Laura-
    Thank you for your kind words. I love to try to capture God's amazing creation on film. I have much to learn, but the learning is fun. (:

  3. I, of course love the beach and I love your photos too. I like the one especially of the sandals with the hat on the tree. You have a way to please the eye!
    Love you,


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