Saturday, September 17

God's Grace

By God's grace I was able to attend the ladies conference at our church this week. (An anonymous sister in Christ paid my way.)  And in His grace, we were privileged to feast on the Word through the teaching of Reba Bowman, a woman who has a passion to serve God.

By God's grace, He allowed three of my girls to attend with me, and each of them came free because of other sisters in Christ who paid their way. Coming from three different countries, wearing tennis shoes, flip-flops, and stilettos, each came with great spiritual needs... and God met each of them without disdain.  
By God's grace, one of them who is deeply searching the Word for answers to her emptiness inside, took time to thank me in the wee hours of the morning for bringing her.  

By God's grace I have been saved and set apart to share His amazing Truth and Love with this precious girls at FIU.  God is good!

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  1. God is good to provide for the four of you to attend the conference! I pray that the seeking hearts find the Living Water!


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