Wednesday, October 26

Fall Colors

As you may know, we don't have Autumn in the subtropics.  Sometimes I even forget the season exists-- until I hear people talking about hay rides, raking leaves, or the beautiful fall colors.  We don't rake leaves, drink hot cocoa, or enjoy hay rides, but we do have fall colors.

Would you like to see some?

These are called neoregelias.

They have 'tanks' in the center that catch the rain and grow beautiful little flowers.

I think they make a delightful border.

Mexican Petunias are part of our fall colors.

I cannot find the name of this tree, however it is also one of our fall colors.  It has been blooming profusely for over a month on campus.

The petals fall to the ground... does that count?

Happy Autumn!

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  1. The fall colors in Miami are lovely! Our Lord is a creative Creator!


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