Saturday, October 29


On any given day we can be found with a variety of students and friends.  Whether student, professor, FIU employee, or neighbor, each one has their own story; each one has their own needs.
Here are a few of those God has allowed us to serve in the past few days.

D__ has been coming to our group Bible studies on campus but openly says she is not a believer.  God is slowly opening up the heart of this dear girl to His Truth and love.

S__ is a new believer from the Dominican Republic.  I have the privilege of discipling her and watching her grow stronger each week in Jesus.  S__ is a student, and head of an Environmental Department on campus.

These young ladies have been coming to church with us recently.

Y__ is Arab/Cuban.  V__ is Peruvian and has just put her faith in Jesus.  :)

S__ is the girlfriend of a young man who recently put his faith in Jesus and is growing in Christ.  Our class at church hosted a baby shower for her as another way to demonstrate our love for S__.

B__ is a Jewish student who is desperately searching for meaning and truth.   Michael was able to open the Bible with him last week on campus.

'Little Man', a sweet boy at church, is from Cuba.  His love for Jesus is quite evident.  His puppet was an image on a shirt he couldn't bear to part with, so his mother made a hand puppet out of the shirt for him.  'Little Man' was so delighted!
See the pencil in his pocket... he is learning to take notes during the sermon.

S__ and I meet each week on campus for Bible study.  She is a new bride.  Though Chinese, S__ lived most of her life in Brazil.  We are praying for the salvation of her husband.

And no week would be complete without a visit from my neighbor, Rosie.  Rosie came to Miami from Canada just before the 1925 hurricane and is quite a lady.  She too needs Jesus. 

Our family ever grows as the months pass; so too, does our love for each one.

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  1. I love seeing these faces of some people you serve! Oh how Jesus loves each one!


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