Wednesday, November 30

God and the Chocolate

Let me tell you a story...
Every year we give our CBF students an evening to celebrate the birth of our Savior.  It is our gift to them.  
A night of good food, relaxing fellowship, fun games, and a time to reflect on the One who really matters.  
A night where they do not have to plan, organize, or bring anything but themselves.

This year we asked a sweet friend in Alabama to make some of her beautiful star suckers so we could give one to each student at the celebration.  Kathy said it could be done.  We waited for 50 chocolate stars to arrive here in the tropics.
Kathy believed that shipping them by overnight-air in a box cooled with ice, arriving several days before our celebration would be just the thing.  She artfully (and expertly) made the suckers, carefully boxed them and sent them on their way.
The suckers did not arrive the next day...
   or the next...
      or the next.

I have never prayed about chocolate suckers in my life, but I did now.  Several others in Florida and Alabama did too.  (We learned they were somewhere in Miami... but not at our house.)  They were just suckers-- but after all the planning an anticipation here in Florida and all the delight and work in Alabama, we knew God could find the lost suckers, and believed He would if it would bring Him glory.

Four days traveling in a box that was no longer cool, arriving in 79* weather, by the postman, (not special overnight-air), the chocolate suckers arrived 21 hours before our celebration... and were not even melted.  Not one.

I am not sure what God did to keep the box cooled for four days, but I know when we ask in faith He is pleased to show His hand in our lives in truly amazing ways.  

Thank you God for the chocolate, and for caring for the small things in our lives!

These stars are not as awesome as the ones God made, but you might like to taste one of these 3 inch delights or some of Kathy's other delicious treats.  You can visit her Chocolate Gallery shop here


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  1. What a neat answer to prayer!


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