Saturday, November 12

Some TLC

Two of our girls were happy to have a day off classes and out of the lab.  After some shopping they joined us for dinner.  (We have a standing invitation for any of our students to come over when they can.)

They were good learners and great help in the kitchen while I made some Indian dishes. (This one will be posted on the recipe blog when I can find a minute to post it.)

They raved over the food and then we ate ice cream sundaes. (You can feed a college student just about anything and they will boost your kitchen smile.)

No evening would be 'normal' without the technology that comes in tow with university students.  I try to keep current in being able to relate to them, but I still have to get used to them pulling it out for nearly every aspect of their life:   calendars, addresses, web surfing, photos, games, class schedules, alarms, Skype, gas mileage records for their car, music...  they even have their Bible and sermon notes all in one tiny gadget.
Hugs, tissues, laughter, and love, still come by the old fashioned method though; perhaps that is why they still come over.

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  1. I myself can't keep up with the technology of the day! It is great though that they can have their Bible and sermon notes so handy at all times!


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