Wednesday, November 9

A Surprise

       Remember this tree?

Two weeks ago I featured this tree on campus that gives us one of our beautiful fall colors. You can read the post here.

There is actually more than one of these trees on campus and they have intrigued me greatly.  After two weeks of searching and asking, I finally found the name of it-- 
The Silk Floss Tree.
It grows in Brazil and Argentina... and at F.I.U.  :)
I was told it can grow in parts of California as well.

The Silk Floss Tree grows to 40-60 feet tall and like lots of sun. Not many pests bother it.

When I walked past the tree today I was stopped in my tracks when I saw thorns all over the trunks and branches.  They were not there two weeks ago when I first marveled over the blooms.

The leaves fall off the tree; the flowers appear; and as the flowers fade and fall, the thorns grow.

Apparently they hold water to supply the tree with moisture.  It looks wicked, but what an amazing plan of the Mater Creator to take care of one of His beautiful creations! (Dry season begins in three weeks.)

In this photo below I took about one week ago you can see a few thorns beginning to grow.  I did not notice them when I took the picture.

I also learned that its amazing cycle is not finished... next, pods are supposed to appear which contains the silk floss inside.  I will try to watch for them so you can enjoy this tree with me.  To be continued...

All thy works shall praise thee, 
O LORD; And thy saints shall bless thee. 
Psalm 145:10


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  1. This is extremely interesting! Both beauty and "danger" in one plant!


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