Thursday, November 24

We Give Thanks

Homework, exhaustion, and illness kept several of our CBF family from gathering around our table today.  God sent us three beautiful reasons to give thanks for though on this lovely Thanksgiving Day. 

V__ and W__ have come to know the Lord since arriving at FIU and they continue to grow in the knowledge of Him.  Recently G__ has begun Bible studies with us to quench her thirst for answers about God.  All of them wanted to talk of spiritual issues around the table and throughout the day.

When the dishes were washed and our girls had gone home, our thoughts drifted to the dozens that have encircled our table the past ten years.  They now circle the globe-- many of them our children in the faith.

There are so many more waiting to hear the truth.  Tonight we give thanks for the countless we have been able to tell.


  1. Now thank we all our God,
    With hearts and hands and voices,
    Who wondrous things hath done,
    In whom this world rejoices;
    Who, from our mothers' arms,
    Hath blessed us on our way
    With countless gifts of love,
    And still is ours today.

    --Martin Rinkart
    (a favorite hymn of mine)

  2. Thank you for your sweet comment on our blog. I appreciate you taking the time to stop in a say "hello" and "thank you". My husband read your comment too. Your kindness was much appreciated.

    I see you are in Florida. We are in Iowa. We were married in Orlando, FL. It was 34* here today and one of our children said "it's warm out Mama" and I smiled....we've been here long enough to think 34* is warm :-0



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