Saturday, December 3


Sharing the joys of the true Christmas meaning with our CBF family is something we look forward to each December.  We often get to do this throughout the year in our Bible studies, but adding the festive food, and fellowship to a night away from their books is a nice treat for all of us.

This year we were able to have a catered meal from a Cuban family from our church.  New believers themselves, it was a delight to work together with them on this evening.  Added to that was the amazing chocolate suckers from Alabama (see previous post), and 30 students from around the world.

The laughter and giggles were a good way to get their minds off exams for a few hours.  The games were great avenues to meet new friends.  The quiet time in the Word as Michael shared from Luke was a reminder (and news to some) why we do Christmas in the first place.

What a delightful way to begin December!

Our server was a doctor in Cuba; she gave up a lot to come to America.

She is learning English and tried very hard to communicate with us.

  Just relaxing for the evening!

At one table was marshmallows and spaghetti.  They had to decide what they wanted to build. Some of our students have private Bible studies with us because they cannot come to the group Bible study.  This was a fun way to get to know fellow students they had never met before.

After a bit of discussion, they decided they wanted to build a church.  It was interesting to watch the interaction and listen to the dialogue as some have only just been introduced to God and church.

The cross was one of the first things to be made, and attached as soon as the structure could hold it.

 They told me this guy was the preacher... complete with pulpit and Bible!

Of course, all the little marshmallows were the 'people'.  

This little guy is the son of the caterer who informed us that he too was "part of the company". 

Table games were available, but some just loved to talk.

Time for some group games!

Some cultures don't play a lot of games, so we have to keep it simple and remember that language is often a roadblock. Laughter is understood around the world, however. :)

Each team got three similar boxes, a roll of wrapping paper and tape with a pair of scissors.  Their task-- to beautifully wrap the boxes as quickly as they could.

Michael told them that he was short on time this Christmas and needed them wrapped to put under the tree for me.

This team however, tore, taped, crunched, and folded as fast as they could.

 While the other team methodically worked together, calmly and with precision.

They actually finished first and the boxes were quite lovely.

 This team finally finished and arranged their boxes to cover up their  mess masterpieces.

Our server did not need any English words to express her assessment of their wrapping skills.  We giggled with her as much as we did the teams.

Luke 2 was our focal point in the Word.

 For some, it was their very first time to hear the Story.

As we said good-night to each one, we handed them one of these chocolate suckers.

Celebrate His birth!


  1. JOY to the WORLD! The LORD has come! EMMANUEL=God with us!

  2. Hello Dear Sharon,

    Was thinking of you and had to drop in for a visit. :)

    What a lovely post! The meaning of Christmas, the real meaning of Christmas...the Birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ I know was shared so beautifully here.

    Blessings to you and your husband. Enjoy preparing for a lovely Christmas Day.




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