Friday, December 23

Christmas Tea

Recently I took several of my university girls to our church's annual Christmas Tea.  Besides being fun, it is one more way to share Christ with my girls.

I had the privilege of being a hostess of a table which means I was to decorate it as I wished, and serve the guests who graced my corner of the room.

Ladies at my table

Place setting with: Christmas Greeting to each one, 
a handmade chocolate sucker, 
and a framed Scripture print to take home. 
 (Yes, those are chopsticks at this setting; 
sometimes a fork is rather difficult for my newly arrived Asian girls.)

Decorations complete! Now I just need my guests.

A view from my corner of the room.

Amazing food decorations.  

Food to eat!

Beautiful music to listen to while we ate.

This young lady wanted to know how to eat with chopsticks. 
She had a delightful instructor sitting next to her- an expert too!

She is trying to pick up and eat a Cuban pastry. 

Got it!

This mother and daughter were sitting next to our table.
They were a delight to watch. 

Below are few of my daughters I brought to the Tea.
I have had the joy of leading 
a few of these to the Lord this year
and discipling the others. 

This girl had never heard the Gospel before I met her, and until this day,
never heard about Jesus' birth. She asked me about the nativity figures
 here on the floor, so we had a great time together, sitting on the floor
 in an impromptu Bible lesson. I was able to give her a mini-nativity 
of her own to take home before we left the Tea.  

What ways has God allowed you to share His Name this season?  I would love to hear!



  1. I was able to bring my new daughter-in-law, Megan, and her mom Jackie to our church Christmas Tea. It was a beautiful time! On the response form, both of them indicated that they wanted to know more about having Jesus as their Savior! (Our son married a girl who was raised Catholic by her dad, but her mom is a Lutheran.) Please pray for the follow-up that will take place. Dale Gilmore is the one who told me about their response on the form at the tea, and she is the one who will be following up with them. I am praying that they will both have open hearts and be willing to meet and talk with Dale. (You could use the picture I sent as a prayer reminder.)

  2. --- Laura
    I will be praying. Thank you for sending the photo.


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