Saturday, December 31

In Christ Alone

Are you feeling a little worn out lately?  Perhaps you could even echo the words of King David, "I am feeble and severely broken" (Psalm 38:8).  You would certainly not be alone; Job declared, after suffering great loss in his life, “My spirit is broken" (Job 17).

The sight of this broken butterfly this week caused me to ponder on suffering and hurt.  Whether it is consequences of our own doing, or a painful experience God has allowed for growth and maturing, there is no getting around that we all face the hard times.

It is in those moments I must remember to run to the One who can heal; the One who suffered far greater than I could ever fathom... and that He did so for me!  With the amazing gift of forgiveness and salvation, it is Jesus Himself who came to heal the brokenhearted; to provide liberty for those in bondage; to comfort those who mourn, make beauty out of ashes, and give a garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness. (Is. 61).

I am not experiencing great loss or suffering right now; just thanking God for the visual reminder that when it comes, (it always does) in Christ alone is my hope.

Hope your New Year is filled with many reminders of who Jesus is.

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  1. When I suffer for any reason, it helps to offer the suffering up to God as an offering of praise that I am counted worthy to suffer for His Name. That gives meaning to the hard times.


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