Tuesday, December 27

A Rare Treat

It isn't often that we get to meet the parents of our students, particularly the ones who live outside of America.  However, God gave Michael and me a special privilege this month to meet the mother of one of our girls.  In all the activities of December, this rare treat will stand out in our minds as one of the most special for a long time.

We have previously 'met' her mother and father on Skype when she brought her laptop to our home.  W__ is a good translator and so we enjoyed trying to visit with them. When we learned that her mother would be coming to Miami to visit W__, we were very delighted for this privilege to meet her in person.

W__ and her mother invited us over for a meal.  They were still cooking when we arrived, but they had obviously spent many hours preparing the food and we were quite touched with their love.

Dumplings waiting to be boiled.

W__ and her mother J__, had carefully prepared most of the food without soy as I cannot eat soy. Since Chinese put soy/tofu/etc., in nearly everything they eat, I was deeply touched by their kindness.  I know it was a sacrifice for them.

Flowering Chives and meat cooked briefly in the wok. Very tasty!

Everything was so good- even the very spicy sauce in the orange bowl. We dipped our dumplings into it.
 After dinner we shared gifts. J__ brought me some handcrafted earrings among other things.  Her husband also sent some fun things for Michael.

I had prepared a small bag of items J__ could take home with her, including a small snow globe with the nativity scene inside it.  I included a letter expressing my heart to J__ (for her daughter to translate at a later time).  In part of the letter I told her if I could speak Chinese I would want to tell her about Jesus, the baby in the snow globe. I included a very simple explanation of the Gospel.  To all of our surprise, J__ attempted to read the letter... aloud.  As she only speaks a few words in English, I was stunned.

J__ has been trying to read English and did an amazing job.  Her daughter helped her with words she did not know and translated the meaning of my letter as she went along.  It was breath-taking to hear her read the name of Jesus for the first time; for her daughter to correct her pronunciation; for her to attempt to read the story of the Gospel; for W__ to translate.  I was nearly in tears.

J__ told me in broken English that she did not understand.
Once, I too, did not understand. How grateful I am that our loving Heavenly Father patiently drew me until one day I understood my need and said 'yes' to His great love and salvation.
How grateful I am He allowed me to lead her daughter to the Truth-Giver.
The gratefulness in my heart that I could be a seed-planter in her mother's life simply spills over the edges of my cup.  I wanted to share some of that blessing with you.

J__ will be here for several weeks.  I am excited to know that God always makes a way for His Truth to be revealed-- despite all odds.
Praise to the Almighty!

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  1. What a lovely and touching time! Praise the Lord Jesus that you planted seeds. He will give the increase. He makes everything beautiful in His time.


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