Wednesday, December 21

Tell Me More

Some of you have asked us to 'tell me more' on some of our recent posts.  The previous post (Dec 20) about our Cookie Boxes was one such request.
          We would love to tell you more.  :)

Functioning on campus as a ministry requires that we meet the University guidelines; in return we are allowed to reserve room for Bible studies, plan for Literature Tables each week, hold CBF functions and events on campus, and use University audio/visual equipment.

This, in turn, means we have a lot of interaction with staff and faculty at FIU.  As we fill out paper work, reserve tables and rooms, and such, we have gotten to know many of them on a personal basis.

We hear of their personal struggles, family joys, and daily work challenges.  Most of them do not know the Lord, so these long-term relationships have led to sharing Jesus with them, little by little.  Giving them a small box or tin of Christmas sweets each December is just one more way to remind them that we are interested in them as an individual.  Adding the tract to the gift is another reminder that we are interested in their spiritual needs as well.

This gesture of love has reached into hearts and made a difference in our ability to speak freely with them about the Lord Jesus.  This is our tenth year to share our love in this way.

The past three years, a small class at church has opted to make their 'annual Christmas gathering' a day to make sweets for this outreach.  Instead of buying gifts for each other, they make and bake a delightful array of goodies to help us in our adventure.  Gathering in a home to bake, decorate, assemble, and fellowship has proved to be more rewarding than any party, white-elephant-gift-giving, or holiday dinner than we have experienced in a long while. (photos can be viewed in post below)

If your family would like to implement this delightful way to demonstrate God's love, feel free to contact me with any questions.  It could be adapted to just about any holiday in the calendar.


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