Monday, December 12

Treasures by the Sea

Another semester is finished and another set of students have graduated from the university.  It has been a very full semester with many joys as we have served among our kids.  We have taken the past few days to rest and step away from our regular schedules.
               Time to head to the sea!

We found many treasures by the sea... like this sundial in a little garden near the ocean.

Many beautiful birds were ours to observe. 

And we never tire of watching the waves crash upon the shore, only to return to their rightful place. (Psalm 104)

My parents were able to join us for this get-away.

 We found treasures in the sand

and watched others catch treasures from the sea.

This Snowy Egret (I think) was a delight to watch. 

Walking along the sand we found many Portuguese Man-o-War and this jellyfish that was larger than a dinner plate. I think it is a Moon jellyfish.

Each day we saw many pelicans and watched their fascinating behavior.

Pelicans have a wing span between 6 and 10 feet.

One day I found many birds sitting in the reeds on the sand dune, weaving back and forth as the wind rocked the tall grasses back and forth. 

A favorite find of mine was the Crown of Thorns in the little garden where we saw the sundial.

This man caught a treasure on the end of his fishing pole and offered it to us for dinner... a hammerhead shark!

Just the sound of the waves and the soaring of the birds is a calming treasure by the sea.

And God called the dry land Earth, 
         and the gathering together of the waters He called Seas. 
                   And God saw that it was good.          Genesis 1:10


  1. Thank you for taking me along on this peaceful trip to the seashore!

  2. Nice, nice, photos Sharon. Thanks for adding one of Mom and Dad. How fun! Wish I could be short sleeve now and enjoy the ocean in that manner. What beauty God surely has made and love how you portray it well.


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