Monday, January 9


Everybody has a story... and I love a life story.

I am actually still learning Rosie's life story, but wanted to share a few things I do know about my sweet neighbor.

Rosie just celebrated her 89th birthday.

A French-Canadian, Rosie moved to Miami at age three, just prior to the horrible hurricane of 1926.  Some of her first memories of life are playing in enormous puddles of water that stayed around after the hurricane.  Many lives were lost in that storm- God spared Rosie's. 

Rosie shared with me that her fondest memory of her life was when she was 14.  A boy moved next door and became interested in her.  Since no dating was allowed, Clifford (age 16) helped his mother wash the dishes each night after dinner and then came over to help Rosie wash their dinner dishes; they were then allowed to sit and visit on the porch.

Clifford joined the Navy at age 17 and married Rosie a few years later.

Rosie was an elevator operator during the War (pictured here in her uniform) and Clifford survived a bombing and sinking of his Naval ship.  Rescued from the burning water by another ship, that too was attacked and sunk three days later. He survived.

Rosie and Clifford raised ten children in Miami.

After serving our country for 21 years, Clifford worked for the Miami telephone company-- caring for the lines via ladders, such as in this photo.  Clifford passed away 19 years ago.

Rosie still lives on her own and loves to garden on her little lanai.
 Rosie and I love to sit and chat.

She has a clear mind and stays very active.  She tells me every where she went during the week (still drives the Miami streets) and loves to reminisce over the memories of her life.

Rosie's feet have walked many miles in 89 years.  She has traveled to many places in the world.  But these feet have not yet come to the Cross.  This is my prayer for Rosie.


  1. Nice story and photos of this lady of long life. Hoping she will come to Christ soon. Thanks for sharing.
    Love you.

  2. Rosie is such an interesting lady! I pray that she will humble herself before the Cross while she still has time. She is blessed to have you, Sharon, for a friend and neighbor.


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