Thursday, January 5

Hands on Purpose

Take a set of willing hands...

hands that sewed cloth bags;
hands that purchased snacks and writing tools;
hands that designed and printed brochures;

hands that were willing to work with a purpose.

Bring all of these together in one night

and fill 130 bags with oranges, apples, highlighters, 
pencils, water, and printed information 
about Campus Bible Fellowship ...

and this is what you get.

A bag for each newly arriving International student
that will be coming to orientation tomorrow;

A bag to say 'welcome';

A bag full of comforting things on your first day 
at the university in a strange country;

A bag that tells you how to find truth on campus.

We do not get to meet these students personally tomorrow but have been allowed to leave this token of love for them while they attend orientation.  

We have seen over and over, the amazing ways God brings the students to us who are ready to hear the amazing love story from God's Word.

Who will be the next one?

Will you pray?



  1. Bags Full of God's Love!

  2. That is a great idea! I will pray for the students who receive these.


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