Monday, January 30

Older Friends

We had the joy of starting out our week by bringing song, message, and fellowship to some of our older friends in the nursing home.

We joined the families in our Sunday School class to bring music to these who are shut-in. 

The little ones played their horns and sang beautiful hymns.

When we sang 'Amazing Grace', my sweet friends, William and Louise were deeply touched.  Louise began to cry.  Her husband held her hand, stroked her cheek, as they sang together with us-  Louise, in Spanish and William, in English.

The little ones sat attentively through the message- spoken in English as well as Spanish.

These two residents were interested in the literature this young man gave them afterwards.

It is a joy to serve others while modeling to the little ones how to love and serve those in need.

Find someone to love this week... they can be easily found.

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  1. On the day you posted this (1/30), I visited my dear 80-year-old friend Marty, at the assisted living center where she resides. We had a blessed time with one another.


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