Tuesday, February 14

Bible Study

Another day has ended on the campus of FIU.  Most of the students have gone home, back to the dorm, or are tucked away in some corner of the library studying for the night.

We finished the day with a group Bible study on campus.  Some of the students had boyfriends/girlfriends they chose to spend the evening with, but these three made a point to come out to learn more about God.  These are all new-comers in the past few weeks to CBF and a bit shy, but we did get them to stand near each other for a picture.

Michael taught some simple truths of God's kind of love.  It gave us much to think on as God's love is profound and very thought-provoking.

We provided the snacks...

They provided listening ears, good discussion, and many questions.
 There was good fellowship and bridge-building tonight.

This shy girl was spontaneous and unprompted for this photo.   Perhaps it was all the sugar, or perhaps...  she is not so shy after all.  :)

Three more precious kids to love!

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  1. The last picture and what you said about it is really cute! It is neat that those three young people chose to come hear about God's love on a day when so many others did not.


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