Thursday, February 23

Seen On Campus

There are many restaurants on campus... everything from pizza to Starbucks, to Chili's, to Subway, to Chick-fil-A, to Moe's and more.
             Our newest place to eat is Miro's.

Miro's is a one-man-show-- a Jewish man who pulls his trailer to the campus each day and serves up some tasty food...  Kosher only.

Miro's is still catching on, but it has already become a favorite of the Jewish students as well as the Muslims, who are allowed to eat kosher.

In order for the Orthodox Rabbinical Board to certify food as kosher, there must be an Orthodox Jew who obeys all the laws watching over the food preparation.

Michael Rosen is an Orthodox Jew who does it all... drives the 'restaurant' to campus each day, oversees and cooks all the food preparation, and serves it with a smile.

So far, I have only tried his Cajun chicken sandwich, which was excellent. Michael also makes a Miro Dog- something his mom made for him as a child. It is a kosher hot dog rolled in mustard relish, and then in breadcrumbs, and then deep fried.  Michael says "It's sweet-savory... a little crunch, a little mush, texture, and favor."

If you are ever on campus, I will take you by Miro's to meet Michael and then you can decide what you want to treat your taste buds to for lunch.

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  1. Oh, this sounds yummy! The only hot dogs that Michael and I eat are Hebrew National brand. They are kosher and also taste better than the average hot dog.


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