Tuesday, March 27

A Day in Our Life

Would you like to join us today as we go to campus?
Just getting there is always interesting... one never knows what they will see in the streets of Miami.  This toy vendor is a regular.

Here we are-- greeted by one of the trees that are blooming this month.  They are really beautiful when you see them up close. 

One of our main goals today was to spend a few hours at our literature table, talking to students and handing out Easter tracts.

I was able to talk to these girls from a sorority for a few minutes. I would like to build a relationship with them and tell them about Jesus and a Family better than any sorority family.

 One of my daughters in the faith stopped by the table where we were able to catch up on news with one another.  When we smiled for the camera, we had no idea Michael was even in the area!

I did not get to talk with this girl... she was busy dancing on bubble wrap.

When I went outside for a break from the intense noise inside, I spotted these lovely irises, revealing God's glory, just standing there in the dirt.

Back inside, I spotted this growing line of students near the "Pit"-- an area on campus where many activities, shows, and other interesting sights for the students take place.

They were waiting to choose a few pieces of "lucky" bamboo.

After tying the bamboo together they filled their pot with colorful rocks.

I also got to talk to Robert, a kindly gentleman who sells colognes and perfumes on campus.  He is always friendly to us.

Back outside, beneath these palms,

 I spotted the tiniest of delicate white flowers that had fallen from the trees.

They were difficult to photograph in a way to capture their true beauty, but I always find it quite intriguing that midst the thousands of people roaming the campus on any given day with little or no regard for God, He has placed within their sight, glimpses of the majesty of who He is.  Perhaps someone besides me will stop by these flowers and ponder the One who wants to know them personally.

Then it was time to go home for a breather and make snacks for the students who come to Bible study tonight.

Arriving back on campus this evening was the setting sun on another day here at FIU.
Just two came for Bible study this evening, but we will not know until we stand in Glory, what God has done through our willing heart and hands today.

Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it.  1 Th 5:24

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