Saturday, March 31


There are many ways we meet new students on campus--

our literature table is just one of those ways.

This week some of our church family came out one evening to help at the literature table.  They brought snacks and beverages to share (for free) to any that stopped and wanted some.  Giving a cold drink, snack and literature is a fun way to meet people.

Some of the students we know stopped by and our church family got to meet them too.  We are so thankful for those who donated snacks and drinks; such a small gesture of love becomes huge when done in Jesus' Name!

Everyone was so helpful and friendly.  This was the second week we tried an evening literature table.  We are planning to make a tradition of it.


 Some of the night-students are businessmen or teachers who cannot take classes during the day.

 Some are just plain ever-hungry college students who love free food.  :)

Sharing is just plain fun!


  1. I received your e-mail and was blessed by the story you posted. I am praying for those in your story as well as your amazing ministry!

  2. Thanks for sharing with us, your blog readers, too!!


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