Saturday, April 21

A Day With Us

Would you like to spend the day with us?
Hop in the car and come to campus with us.  Never mind the lizard... he wants to come too!
 (He did eventually change his mind and jumped off- safely it appeared.)
 Everyone else was on the go too, waiting for their own modes of transportation.
 Can you read the back of this bus?
 Here we are-- FIU, a beautiful 81 degrees and plenty of blue sky.
 This entrance boasts the art work called the Orange Noodles... well,
that's what I call it.  :)
 Some have come by bus, many by car (like us), and others by their bikes.
 The latest motto above an entrance door.
 The halls are already filled with students going to and fro; many stressed with final exams that begin next Monday.
 Some were waiting for Burger King to open for breakfast.
 We found our way to the room where we prepared for ten, local high school students to come for a visit to FIU, and to meet us at Campus Bible Fellowship.
 They will probably be attending this fall and we want to help them in the transition from private school to secular university.
 Upon their arrival, they met with our CBF President who gave them a tour of the campus and told them what CBF meant to him.
 I caught up with the group later as they finished the tour.

 Many young people come to college with intentions to walk with God in their years of university education.  Statistics show that more than half walk away from God before they're done.  We hope to be a help to these young people in the coming months and years.
 Later in the day we caught up with these two students and spent the evening with them.  We have been discipling them for about three years.  Now it is time for them to graduate and leave us in about a week as well.  We will miss them greatly.
 G__ made authentic Cuban coffee, complete with froth.  :)
 Friends, fellowship, and further spiritual training-- a pleasant evening.
 Thanks for joining us for the day!

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  1. I enjoyed spending this time with you! If a new student gets plugged in to CBF right at the start of their time at FIU, it will definitely help them stay on God's path.


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