Monday, April 23

Honor thy Mother { and a give-away }

“Honor thy mother…”  a familiar instruction from the Lord for many of us.  It is one I frequently teach to my university girls because some have never been taught this truth; others don’t know how to do it; some are just rebelling against it. But we all need the reminder from time to time.

There are several mothers in the Bible whom I admire greatly, ones definitely worthy of honor. Jochebed, the mother of Moses, astounds me with her determination to do right-- to save her son’s life despite the plan to kill the baby boys in her day.  Her creativeness and skill to make a water-tight ark for her precious son and her trust in God to make things right as she released him in the water cries out, ‘worthy of honor’.

Mary, the mother of our Savior, is another woman who causes me to think deeply. What did it take to raise the Son of God without growing proud… what did she go through as His mother that Scriptures does not reveal for us?  Mary is a mother we could easily say is ‘worthy of honor‘.

The command to honor our mother however, is not singled out only for those we deem worthy.  It simply must be done.  Period.  While it is clear we cannot worship anyone but God, to respect and esteem our mother in a Godly fashion brings beauty and blessing... and pleases the heart of God.

My own mother never made it difficult for me to honor her (only my own sinful flesh).  I don’t recall her ever yelling at me or my siblings.   She taught me many skills in the kitchen.  As a teen, we often chatted at the dinner table long after dinner had ended and everyone else left the room.  My mother modeled what it means to serve the Lord, and I often saw her open Bible resting on her bed when I passed her room.

To be sure, my mother isn’t perfect, but just perfect for me.  I count my blessings whenever the university girls tell me they know nothing about cooking or the basics of housekeeping; have never felt their mother’s tender hand; or describe the hate and anger experienced from their mother on a regular basis.  Yes, my mother is a lovely gift from God.

As this Mother’s Day approaches, I would like to share a give-away with you in honor of my mother, the very first person to purchase my photography.   Her constant support of the creative gifts God has given me compels me to do more for God.

In her honor, I will be giving away a 5x7 photograph 
from my photography shop.

To enter the give-away:
1.  please visit the photography shop 
2.  Return to this blog and leave me a comment here to tell me which photo would be a blessing to you (or your mother).  
3. For a second entry, post an additional comment on this blog describing one reason your mother is a blessing to you.

In addition, I have reduced the price of all 8x10 photos for Mother’s Day.

My desire is to be an encouragement and blessing through my photography, so I am also offering a Mother’s Day coupon you can use to purchase a Scripture Print for your mother or other special woman in your life.  The coupon is valid through May 6.   Use this code: HNRMOM in the checkout section of the photography shop for an additional $3.00 off when you purchase $18.00 or more.

This give-away will be open through May 5; I will announce the winner on this blog.

   ** I will be adding more photos to the galleries before Mother's Day. Visit the shop to view the photos or choose the 'Scripture Prints' link at the top of this blog to watch for added photos.


  1. Maria Hardman4/24/12, 12:54 PM

    It is so hard to chose just one of your pretty photos but the "A Wonder" shot would be a blessing to both my mom and myself!

  2. Sharon your photography is beautiful! I love the "Longing Tree" but I agree with the previous comment that it is too hard to choose just one! Thank you for the chance to win one of your lovely prints!

  3. "Sparrow Provision" would be a blessing to me or to my mother, as we have both seen God provide our needs in many wonderful ways over the years.

  4. My mother is a blessing to me and a wonderful example of living by faith. When she was in her fifties, she left her job to become a full-time missionary. She is now retired from the mission, and is still living by faith in the Lord who provides all her needs!

  5. There are so many reasons why my mom is a blessing to me, but since we are limited to one reason, I will choose, she is a praying mom. I know that my mom is praying for me and my family everyday, as well as all my siblings and their families.


  6. You are so great at taking photos that as others have stated, it is hard to choose just one. "Garden Tree" is one I believe would be a blessing to our Mother.

  7. Our Mother is such an example of abiding in Christ, the verse on the garden tree photo. She serves as a quiet, gentle women of faith and prayer praying for her children, grand and great grands each day. She's a great servant in her church and is so faithful and will be 'till the end.

  8. I just love your photos, Sharon. The Scriptures you choose for them are so perfect.
    I am partial to the bird photos, because, I think you know that I am a Fogle--and Fogle means "Bird" in German! I especially liked the one entitled "Alert" because I am so ready for that blessed hope.

  9. I like the Humble Home picture because it is my bird house, and their are baby birds in it right now.

    Marge McGee

  10. My mother was a very godly woman and taught me how to be Godly. She also introuduced me to a lot of missionares. She has had 17 birthdays in heaven.

    Marge McGee


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