Sunday, April 15


When I stepped into the sanctuary tonight, I saw seven little ones with violins and bow in hand, gathered around the piano as they were practicing for their time to serve the Lord in a coming service.  As I watched one of the faithful pianists at church accompany them, instruct them, and listen to them, my mind wandered to Titus 2 where we are instructed to invest in, teach the truth, and model a godly life for those younger in the faith.

Investing in the lives of others, particularly in the church setting, has lasting fruit that can hardly be measured in our lifetime... but the measuring part is up to God. Mine is simply to obey.  
In the last decade of my life, some of my greatest joys have been realized through investing in the lives of others.  Others have taught me in the ways Titus 2 admonishes; now I get to carry on this amazing privilege.

Are you actively modeling Christ and investing in the life of another?  It is a beautiful way to spend your day!
(The sunset on the way home from church tonight... an end of a great day and beginning of a new week, filled with great possibilities for the Lord!)


  1. We have invested in two-year-old's and their parents' lives for years. We have no idea what fruit has been born from the teeny tiny seeds we have planted, but in heaven all will be revealed.

  2. That's a lovely post, and a good reminder. I love your black and white with a hint of color shots.


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