Tuesday, May 22

Beauty in the Desert

...the desert shall rejoice, 
and blossom as the rose. 
Is. 35:1

It has been nearly 100 degrees each day with 4% humidity, yet the  show of colors is stunning.

One type of Cholla Cactus, bearing some type of 'fruit'.

It also bears lovely yellow flowers (just buds, here).

The spines are brutal, however.

This is a Teddy Bear Cholla-- no, it is NOT soft and cuddly.

This bloom is on a Violet Prickly Pear cactus.

The variety of flowers currently showing forth God's glory in the desert are cause to clap the hands in praise to Him.

I cannot do justice to the beauty seen with the actual eye; these photos straight out of the camera, reveal only a fraction of the glory in each painted petal, or spiny stem. 
He is the Almighty!


  1. Wow! Such wonderful photos!
    Wonderful color in God's beautiful creation. I love how He brings color even in the desert. Same goes for our spiritual lives. Even in the trials of life, He will show forth that He is still God, if we will just take a closer look.

  2. God sprinkles His beauty everywhere, doesn't He? These are wonderful shots, and I love the verse in the header.


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