Saturday, May 12

Continued adventures

day three:

This morning we left out of Cajun country and headed for Cowboy country.

It was foggy and very overcast all day, so the photos are not as I had hoped.  You will catch a glimpse though, of what we saw along the way.

Can you pronounce the name of this city?

There were many crops in various stages of growth near the roads in Louisiana. The only ones we recognized were corn. Some were buried under water.  Does Louisiana grow rice?

Once we neared the big city, I caught glimpse of a very large water tower on each side of the same city.

This one looked very modern and was very large.

There were many large churches along the highway too.

Soon, we reached Texas.

The skies were still gray, and we noticed a shift in the vegetation.  The grass began to grow brown.

I would have loved to stop and take many pictures of this old tree.  It looked like it was reaching towards the first patch of blue sky all day.

The cowboy countryside soon turned into city.

The roads near Dallas were in five or six levels and going in many directions. The traffic was pretty intense too.

So glad Michael was driving!

We will stay in Texas for the night to rest and find a place to worship tomorrow.

We are blessed to live in this country:
freedom to travel, safe roads (except those occasional potholes!), a vast array of God's handiwork along the journey (plenty of man's too), beauty in the journey, and friends and family who follow us along the way.

Stay tuned,

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