Thursday, May 17

Destination- Mom's

day six:

Our final leg of this part of the journey was across the desert in Arizona, where there is vast amounts of open land and great beauty even in the dry and dusty landscape.  The color and vegetation is so different from the tropics, yet the color is there; and vegetation is growing in these harsh conditions.
Suddenly on the horizon was a range of mountains.

Yes, there is a bit of snow lingering there on the top of the peak.

The signs brought a smile to our face as we read warnings like: watch for cows, and names like Rattlesnake Rd., Navajo, and Twin Arrows.

Yep, twin arrows!

To see the mountains rising out of the desert was quite stunning.

Don't hit the elk!

The forest of pine trees soon faded into scrub land and dirt roads.

Solitary homes dotted the hills.

Many beautiful rocks gave the hills interesting art form.

Closer to our destination was open range for cattle... even crossing the roads at times.

An important stop along the road for locals.  (:

The day was hot...

...and very dusty.

The first Joshua tree we saw was just a hint of what lay ahead...

The beginning of a Joshua Tree forest.

Even through the blowing dust you can see the edge of a very beautiful and amazing desert forest.

These are amazing trees that thrive in the harsh conditions of the desert.  They are native Southwestern America.

Just behind this forest and ridge is the Grand Canyon.

We have just missed the blooming of the trees.  They do not bloom every year and must have a freeze just before to bloom.  I have never seen them bloom. The trees themselves have an extensive root system and can grow up to 49 feet tall.

At last; we arrive in Meadview.

Population almost 2,000.

One of whom is very dear to our hearts-  Mom!
Hope you enjoyed the journey as much as we did.
stop by again for more sights of the desert.

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