Thursday, May 10

A Journey

We are on a little journey...
actually it will be a bit more than 'little'. The first part of our journey will take us to Arizona.

If you care to travel with us, you can follow us here and check out all the strange and wonderful things we encounter along the way.

It was a humid, but beautiful morning in the tropics when we left the city.
Pretty normal. ;)

Everything else seemed pretty normal for Florida too, right down to the many toll booths.

Soon our windows looked like this--
Well, this was after the third time we stopped to wash the windows.  We went through many, many miles of love bugs.  Hundreds lost their lives on our car alone.  The front of every car and truck around us all matched ours. (Love bug war zones are normal for Florida this time of year.)

This guy met his end on the windshield wiper-- and stuck.  Through a few washings, and speeding down the road at 70 for miles and miles, he still stuck.  These crazy love bugs have DNA that is a thousand times better than any glue on the market.

If you have never seen a love bug, here he is a bit closer- ragged and much worse for the wear, but a love bug nonetheless.

At one stop, the front of our car was pasted with the black and red and white residue of these poor guys (and gals).

The amazing thing is that if left on the car for more than an hour or two, they become extremely difficult to remove.  Apparently their alkaline balanced makeup becomes quite acidic after death, and can damage the paint on your car (not to mention clogging up the radiator).

Frequent stops to get windows and car cleaned up is important.  Before we took the car through a car wash at one stop, the attendant came running out and said, "Too many sticky bug, wash first."  Her English was a little difficult, but not too difficult to understand that before we washed the car, we really should wash the car!  (hmmm... guess that is normal Florida procedure during love bug season.)

You would have laughed watching both of us wash and scrub the car with those sponge-things at gas stations.  We literally scraped off some of the love bugs with the squeegees before we again, washed the car.

Right after each window washing I was able to click a few pictures out the window before it was again covered with 'sticky bug'.
We actually do have a small hill or two in central Florida. :)

The wild flowers along the road were a delight to see.

I took several photos of water towers today... after effects of too many hours in the car.

This truck had an interesting warning.  I wonder if the love bugs took note.

My favorite shot of the day were these gardenias, found at a nice gas station.  The fragrance was incredible!

We are stopped and resting for the night where the Spanish Moss hangs and swings from the trees like a mysterious soul.
Stay tuned for more pretty normal adventures with the Kellers.  :)

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  1. Hi Sharon,
    Now THIS made me laugh outloud a couple times. Too bad you have to wash the car to wash the car! Those sticky bugs are amazing and yuck!
    Nice photos of clouds. Hum... I took some of the same today as Seattle actually had blue sky! Well, have fun and enjoy God's wonderful creation out there and get some rest and some spiritual rest also. Praying for your safe travels.
    Happy trails. :)
    Love, Kathy


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