Tuesday, May 8

Leaders in Training

Not all the students who find their way to the campus Bible studies are believers; those who are, are often in need of discipleship and mentoring.  For those who are sturdy in their faith, we seek to be a pillar of support when their faith is tested while pursuing their degree.

Part of our desire is to be a tool in the Master's Hand to train these delightful young people to be mature and Godly leaders--   leaders that can make a difference on campus and beyond.

The university requires that we choose student leaders for our campus ministry.  Through this venue we have an added opportunity to invest in the lives of those God is shaping for His good work.  This time of year we focus on further training these leaders as we prepare for the Fall semester.

This particular training covers a broad scope from time spent in the Word to caring for the paperwork required by the university.

It is also the time when we have to say good-bye to graduates and begin training new leaders.  We call this the Hand-off Ceremony.  The out-going leaders hand their baton to the leader stepping up to take their place on the team, sharing words of wisdom and encouragement.

For all of us, the fellowship around the table, working together on logistics, listening to the Word, filling out paperwork, and planning for the coming year deepens the bond we have with one another.

Becoming a godly leader doesn't happen in a week.  Theses days are just one more step to help them become the man or woman God is pleased to use for His glory.

This leadership team has an interesting ancestral heritage.
One is American with Italian decent.  Another has parents who immigrated from Germany and Cuba.  Another student is Ecuadoran.  One has parents from America and Cuba.  The other has parents who  immigrated from Spain and the Dominican Republic.
 All of them have put their faith in God and desire to be a light for Him on campus. Pray for them as they mingle among 47,000 classmates.
"Oh, send out Your light and Your truth! " Psalm 43:3

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  1. Praying now for these young leaders!


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