Sunday, May 13


day four:  (so many pictures... get ready!)

Starting this gorgeous day in Texas with other believers was a great way to begin the week.  We found a church in Flowermound where our hearts were encouraged in the good preaching of the Word and worshiped our Lord.

They also had a large choir that sang God-honoring music that blessed us.

After church we started out West again.  We saw many gates to ranches; most had the name of their ranch above the gate.  I loved this one-  a bit more refined than most of the ones we spied today.

Horses were casually eating their lunch in many fields.

Nothing against grass, but we chose to eat peanut butter sandwiches as we drove through the rolling hills.

We learned that this part of Texas has had a bad drought, but we still saw many beautiful wildflowers and weeds along the way.

I promise I won't bore you with 95 pictures of water towers today, but this one had some character and age so I thought it needed to be recognized in my water tower hall of fame.  :)
You can see the clouds are starting to gather now.

 And this one in Bellevue-- isn't it cute?

The water tower in Wichita Falls has a place in our love story.  Well, not the water tower, but the town.

While we were both in college, Michael's professor flew him to Texas to drive a car to Colorado.  On his way back, the traffic in Houston, TX was so crazy, he missed his connection to the Interstate.  Michael pulled over to look at the map to see which way to go to get back on track.

His new route took him through parts of rural Texas in a bad snow storm.  The trees were covered in ice.  Finally, Michael saw Wichita Falls and stopped there for the night.

We were best of friends at this time of our lives-- not dating, but he had a growing interest in me beyond friendship.  He decided that night that he would call me.

When he called the dorms, one of my roommates told him I was at a basketball game.  He figured I had gone with a guy and was bummed.

I walked into my dorm about 30 seconds after she had hung up the phone.  When I learned he had called I went into my room and cried... yes I had a growing interest in him as well.

He made it back to Colorado; I had not been out with any guy; we followed God's leading in our relationship, were married, and the last 26 years have been quite an adventure together.

Today's journey through Wichita Falls was not planned but a delightful day of memories.

We saw some country churches along the way.

 This part of the state had many fields of grain. Some appeared to be hay.  We thought we saw wheat too, but not positive.

The tall trees had now disappeared and scrubby ones had taken their place.

For many miles a train track paralleled the road.

 The grain fields were very beautiful.

Where there is grain there are silos and grain elevators.

 Some quite large and impressive.

 Some old, well used...

and some smaller ones.

All of them serve an important role. (Reminds me of each believer in the family of God.) The farmer's hard work and God's bounty given can be stored in a safe place for when the feed is needed.

This picture breaks a fundamental rule of photography- never put your subject right in the middle.  But somehow I liked the lone tree out in the middle of nowhere Texas, so I am sharing it with you anyway.

There were not many houses to be seen today, but a few, like this one, were tucked in between the grain fields, giving as much space as possible to cultivating the land.

And a few like these that are just a story in someone's past.

What would they say if they could talk?

I was glad to know someone else was concerned for my safety out here... I did not think about the snakes! This was at a rest stop.

 The afternoon brought a rain storm.

 Much needed for this area.

Many, many little towns in Texas that I never knew existed. We saw population signs that boasted 2,800 people, and one that claimed just 194 residents made it their home.  Many people I will probably never meet.  I would love to hear their story. 

What's your story?  If you have a small-town story, leave us a comment below.  We'd love to hear it.

Enjoying the journey,

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