Tuesday, June 26

The House of the Lord

If you are ever out in the middle of nowhere

and you pass Lake Mead in the vast, open desert,

you may see this sign on the road.

Take the turn and follow your nose to a place where God is loved and worshipped.

As you venture down the dirt road you will likely scare a jackrabbit from his posture and send him running.

You may see this colorful fellow standing on his 'house'

or notice this old wagon that probably has many stories hidden in its wooden wheels.

The town is not large, but if you get lost looking at the beauty of the cliffs

or the fascinating flowers in the desert,

just ask anyone the way to church.

There, you will have the privilege of serving and worshipping here with part of the family of God.

Their love for God is seen as they hold hands before collecting the offerings,

and as they use their voices, singing for the Lord in the latter years of their lives.

It is demonstrated when they lend a listening ear, or lead others to Jesus.

If you join this body of believers for worship you will likely meet L__ and G__, a deaf couple who make us giggle.  I have had the privilege of interpreting the services for them.

A young man was recently saved after an older couple invested in his life and brought him to church.

We gathered to witness his baptism in a small hot tub, in the afternoon heat outside the pastor's home.

When the worship service has ended and the day is done,

and you head back out on the big road,
you will probably say with us:

I was glad when they said unto me 
Let us go into the house of the Lord. 
Psalm 122:1



  1. what a blessing!!!
    I love what the pastor uses to baptize!
    How especial to find a church so far away!!!
    God bless you!

  2. I saw your post over on my blog and came over to see yours :) You look familiar but then I've been many many places.....
    Like your blog, have a great Sunday :)

  3. What a lovely setting in which to worship!


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