Wednesday, June 20

Lessons in the Desert

Hey Clive, where is everybody?

It's 107 degrees today, Miss Penny,

I think most everyone has slipped on down to the watering hole.

The rest, I think, are headed off for a siesta in the shade.

 Probably something you should do, Miss Penny.

Hmmm... seems like a smart thing to do Clive.  Why then are those not-so-smart people sitting outside in this heat-- and with towels around their necks?

The whole town is without electricity, Miss Penny-- some transformer accident up on the big road, I hear. It is 99 degrees inside with no air conditioning and nary a breeze. I hear if you wet a towel and sit where there is a bit of air flow it cools ya' down.  Sorta like a homemade swamp cooler.

Wow- that's pretty smart; maybe I should try it.

You can stay out here and work on your tan Miss Penny, but I'm headed for the shade... you comin'?

I'm coming Clive, right after Tiny Tail finishes drinking-- I'm thirsty!



  1. I feel for you two, really I do! How well do I (and the rest of my family for that matter) know what it is like to be out in hot weather with no AC. Simply miserable, but look at the bright side, at least it is dry heat without humidity... right??
    I really like your animal pic's by the way. Keep 'em coming!

  2. Maria-
    Yes, the humidity is quite low here compared to what we are used to in the Tropics. That part was a blessing.

    I am glad you like the animals. We are so used to seeing people every day-- the animals have been quite a switch for us.

    Blessings, Sharon

  3. What an adorable series of photos of the animals drinking! I hope you are staying cool!

  4. Sharon, that is a wonderful series, and especially that precious bunny! Hope your AC is back soon.


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