Wednesday, June 13

A Surprise


Early one morning, soon after the sun had risen, I was sitting outside having my quiet time with the Lord.  I heard a hum, saw a flash, and looked up from my Bible.  There in the pomegranate tree next to me was a hummingbird-- a surprise for this city-girl.  I did not expect them to be in the desert.

She feasted on the blooms for breakfast and then sat on the tiny little branch near the budding pomegranates.

I thought her coloring just perfect for the all browns of the desert.  But then, God always does everything just right.

I have been delighted with other sightings of hummingbirds this week as well.  One fellow was zooming around this Desert Willow.

The Desert Willow is native the Southwestern America and its leaves can be used as an anti-fungal.

 Sometimes the American Indians use the branches to make baskets.

My delight was increased yesterday seeing this busy hummingbird collecting nectar from a Century Plant.
Other birds were also congregating on this amazing desert beauty.  

The Century Plant (Agave Americana) produces the agave nectar which the birds apparently enjoy.  The plant grows to about six feet and lives between 10-30 years.

The flowering portion of the Century Plant grows to nearly 30 feet.  It blooms only once, then the plant dies.

The hummingbirds and I rather enjoyed this surprise.
Have you had any pleasant surprises recently?


  1. Wow! What wonderful photos of these little guys...gals? :)
    Lovely! So nice to see different colors than here. I so enjoy watching ours. God is so creative.
    Happy birdwatching and happy snapping!

  2. Why yes, we have been pleasantly surprised to learn that a new member of our family is on their way!


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