Saturday, July 28

A Rest

Over the past few days we have gotten some much needed rest.

We sat underneath the fragrant pines 
and watched the growing pine cones drip their sap;

we have lazed like kitty, reading books,
spending time with God,

and just enjoying the peace.

We have watched the cows chew the cud;

and the deer and the antelope elk play!

We have observed the oaks forming their acorns

and watched breath-taking sunsets
every night.

We've hung out with some cowboys

and cowgirls

watching them present their pigs,



and steer before the judge 
at the country fair.

So, what's up next?

It is time for us 
to leave these mountains 
of beautiful Colorado

and head out to the plains. 

We will be serving in a church in Kansas this weekend 
where we have the joy of sharing 
what God is doing in the lives of our students at FIU.

See you in Kansas!



  1. Lovely story and photos once again. Take care and be safe and may your next week be spiritually uplifting.
    Love you both.

  2. I particularly like the picture of the rainstorm in the distance! We so need some more "showers of blessing!" Praise the Lord, we did have some rain last week, but everything is still quite dry.

    I look forward to your Kansas post.


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