Friday, July 20


We have left the desert and headed a few hours east.  The difference in scenery is breathtaking.  In the space of one day we traveled through barren, rocky land with not a single cactus, blade of grass, bush or tree in sight-- to this lovely forest.

I wish you could stand here with us and smell the pines and listen to the whispering aspens, waving their arms in praise to their Maker.

We paused for a day to explore the city of Telluride, Colorado, an old mining town nestled in a beautiful canyon.

Around every corner was a surprise: old lazy dogs, beautiful flowers, century old buildings, bubbling winding rivers, and friendly people willing to share a story.

Between mountain towns, use of the free gondola service is encouraged instead of driving your car. We thoroughly enjoyed the view and quietness of the ride to Mountain Village.

"...the mountains and the hills 
shall break forth before you 
into singing,

 and all the trees of the field 
shall clap their hands."
Isaiah 55:12

It is over 10,000 feet in elevation here, but I think I shall join along!


  1. Gorgeous! Beautiful photos! I love mountains--have never seen the ones out west, just the Appalachians. The USA is full of variety. How special that you are able to see some of it!

  2. Laura-
    We are very blessed to see the variety God has given in the U.S. I hope one day you can see the West.


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