Wednesday, July 11

VBS and Beyond

This week we have the privilege of assisting with the children in Vacation Bible School in a small church in Arizona.

There are just a few children in this town, but each one is precious.

 We have the joy of helping the 7-10 year old children in their classes.

We have crawled into the lion's den to learn about Daniel-

(well, Mr. Mike almost made it all the way in...)

We have learned about missions,

and made some new buddies.

These little legs will grow up and likely end up on a campus somewhere in the United States one day... maybe in your town.

They might look more like this when they arrive, but be ready; she will most likely have a ton of questions about God that no one has yet taken the time to answer.
Will you help her?


  1. Sharon, it looks like you are employing some wonderful creativity it teaching God's Word, and I'm sure those little ones will remember it well. Darling pictures!

  2. Sharon, I love it that you and Michael are using your vacation time to serve and love on so many people of all ages!


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