Tuesday, August 14

A Peek

Here is a quick peek at two of the newest photos 
I have added to my Photo Gift Shop.  
This loaded pear tree caught my attention while traveling this summer.  The squirrels were busy gorging themselves on their treat; I thought you might enjoy seeing the bounty before it was all gone!
There are more than a dozen other recently added photos... and a few new galleries too.
I will be adding more scenes to my newest gallery, Fruit of the Spirit.  It isn't finished yet, but I wanted to make available what is ready so far.  I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas for this gallery.

Many more photos to the other galleries will be added in the weeks to come. Don't forget you can purchase these in prints as well as other items such as mugs, stickers, key chains and even aprons.  :)
I hope you will take a moment to stop in and take a peek at the snippets of the world through my lens.


1 comment:

  1. Hello Sharon,

    Oh my how wonderful it was to read a sweet comment from you my friend, very nice indeed.

    It has been way to long since my last visit and so happy to be here! :) I visited your new photo shop and what a beautiful shop it is. You are one talented photographer. Everything is beautiful. :)

    Happy belated Anniversary to you and your dear husband. Again what a treat to hear from you! I hope to get back to a regular blogging schedule soon. Continue to enjoy a lovely summer




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