Friday, August 24

Beauty in Waiting

Sunday Update - 2:15 pm
  The center of Isaac will not hit Miami but the storm is so large, we are getting constant, heavy rain- much of it blowing sideways due to the high winds.  Our electricity has been off and on, so we are spending the evening doing quiet activities and just enjoying that we have a safe a dry place to stay.

Saturday Update - 2:00 pm
  It has been raining all day and the winds are increasing.  Michael is helping our elderly neighbor pull and fasten her hurricane shutters properly.   FIU will close the campus this afternoon and at least through Monday.  Though the eye of the storm is not due to hit Miami, we are expected to get a lot of wind from the storm.

Most people do not enjoy waiting; it just isn't in the top ten on our 'favorites' list either.  But while we wait to see if Isaac becomes a hurricane-- and one that impacts us here, we found some beauty in the wait.  We couldn't help but pass it on to you!

The winds have increased today and some rain has fallen but the sunset was just too beautiful to ignore while we prepare. 
(These photos are not enhanced- the sky was really this color.)

If Isaac comes our way, we are prepared with batteries, extra water and three days worth of food (beyond what is in the refrigerator) as well.

It appears that the storm may not hit us directly. Tomorrow should give us a better picture of what is to come.
Hurricane season is often a good time to serve others in need and pray for those in harm's way, even if it does not touch us directly.  We will try to keep you posted, and in the mean time... enjoy the wait.  :)


  1. I am praying for you, and for any who end up being impacted by the Isaac storm.

  2. Hope everything will be ok at your place, Sharon. Thanks for sharing those stunning photos!


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