Thursday, August 9


Twenty-six years ago today we began our journey together, united as husband and wife. It has been a joy-filled journey. God has been by our side and led us in each day, even when it was uncharted territory for us. He love has been faithful even when we have failed Him.  He has used our service for Him in many places, though He could have done a better job.  

We rejoice in the ability to give our lives for Him.  We have no regrets; we would do it all over again.

This is your formal invitation to celebrate with us today, but you don't have to be formal about it.  Here are a few suggestions:
  ~ Share a smile with another married couple
  ~ Go to Starbucks
  ~ Kiss your husband/wife
  ~ Eat a cookie
  ~ Pray for a missionary and their marriage
  ~ Give away candies to your co-workers or friends
  ~ Encourage someone who is struggling in their marriage
  ~ Sing in the shower

Go ahead-- rejoice with us.
Mike & Sharon

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  1. Happy Twenty-Sixth Anniversary to a couple I love and look up to!


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